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Navigating the Protein Puzzle: My Journey to Maintaining Muscle

Hello, strong and beautiful women! As a 32-year-old fitness enthusiast who lifts heavy five times a week, I want to share a personal experience that might resonate with many of you.

Recently, despite consuming more calories, I noticed an unexpected change: I was losing muscle. Perplexed, I dug deeper and found the culprit - a drop in my protein intake. It wasn’t intentional; some days, I was just unprepared with meal planning, or frankly, tired of the same old protein-rich foods. My protein intake had slipped from a robust 150-160 grams to a mere 110-120 grams daily (side note you don't have to eat as much protein as me....I am vegetarian and it's just what works for my body).

This experience was eye-opening. Protein is the building block of our muscles, and even with a calorie surplus, if the protein isn’t sufficient, maintaining muscle can be challenging.

So, here are three practical solutions for all you amazing women to boost your protein intake:

1.Diversify Your Protein Sources: It’s easy to get burnt out if you’re relying on the same sources day in, day out. Mix things up! Include a variety of proteins like lean meats, fish, eggs, dairy, and plant-based options like lentils, beans, and tofu. This not only prevents boredom but also ensures a broader spectrum of nutrients.

2. Prep and Plan: We all have busy lives, and it’s easy to fall off the protein wagon. Meal prepping can be a lifesaver. Dedicate a few hours each week to preparing protein-rich meals and snacks. This way, you’re always prepared, even on your busiest days.

3. Protein Supplements: On days when whole food sources aren’t enough or you’re on the go, protein supplements can be a great addition. A scoop of protein powder in your smoothie or yogurt can effortlessly boost your intake.

Remember, ladies, our nutrition needs are unique, and listening to our bodies is key. If you’re lifting heavy and not seeing the results you want, take a closer look at your protein intake. You might just find the missing piece of your fitness puzzle.

Stay strong and fueled!

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