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Why Eating More Than One Color Is Important

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

What? I eat my veggies.... I eat broccoli and spinach....I'm healthy, right?

I used to think that as long as I got any veggies on my plate I was healthy. I basically ate only low carb veggies over and over and over.

After I received my first certification through Precision Nutrition I learned it was important to include other vegetables with different colors other than just the green ones.

Why? Because other colors imply different nutrients and minerals! And not just with vegetables but with fruits as well!

Meal planning it can be challenging cooking 5 different types of vegetables along with your proteins and carbs. That's why I keep it simple and try to eat at least two different colored vegetables a week.

Sometimes it's a green and a purple, other weeks it's a white and yellow.

Need help getting more colors on your plate? Message me for a free consultation for diet coaching !

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