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Your Squat: Tips for Tweaking

fabulous woman squatting with sunglasses
woman squatting with barbell

Hey, fabulous readers! Let's talk about one of the most iconic moves in the fitness world: the squat. Whether you're aiming for buns of steel or just want to strut your stuff with confidence, the squat is your go-to move. But what if your lower half isn't quite cooperating? Don't fret, honey! I've got all the tips you need to tweak that squat.

First up, let's tackle those tight muscles. If your lower half feels as stiff as last season's fashion trends, it's time to loosen up, darling. Stretching is your new best friend. Incorporate dynamic stretches like leg swings and hip circles into your warm-up routine to increase mobility and flexibility. But don't stop there! Hit up those static stretches post-workout to lengthen those muscles and keep them limber. Science says stretching enhances muscle performance and reduces the risk of injury, so stretch it out!

Now, onto the queens with a weaker lower half. No shade, darling, we've all got areas to work on. To build strength in those legs, you gotta squat like there's no tomorrow. But not just any squat will do. Focus on variations like goblet squats and Bulgarian split squats to target different muscle groups and add some spice to your routine. And don't forget to throw in some booty bands or resistance training to really amp up the burn. Trust me, science backs it up—progressive overload is the name of the game when it comes to building strength.

But remember, context is key, hun. If you're still struggling to find your squat groove, don't hesitate to reach out. I'm here to lend a fabulous hand and help you slay those squats like the superstar you are!


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