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How to Track Meals in MyFitnessPal When Your Restaurants Isn't in the Database

Who said sticking to your health goals means giving the evil eye to every menu when dining out? Certainly not me! Here’s my guide to making MyFitnessPal work for you, even when your go-to spot isn’t in the database.

First off, let’s play detective. Can’t find your dish? No worries! I scout for culinary look-alikes from other eateries listed in the app (it’s like finding your meal’s long-lost twin). Keep an eye on the details—portion sizes, ingredients, and how it’s whipped up.

Maybe your dish is as rare as a sighting of’s time to get crafty. Deconstruct that plate like it’s a puzzle—proteins, veggies, carbs, piece by piece. A bit of guesstimation? Sure. But trust me, you’ve totally got this!

Now, let’s chat about portion sizes. Restaurant servings can be as lavish. If your plate looks like it’s meant for two, log it as such. You’re not indulging; you’re just being honest with yourself.

So there you have it, a playbook for keeping your food diary on point while indulging in the joy of dining out. Here’s to enjoying every delectable moment life throws at you, without letting your wellness journey take a backseat. Because, in the end, I'm all about embracing the delicious balance of life, with a dash of flair!

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