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Elevate Your Fitness Journey at a Fraction of the Cost


Traditional personal training can stretch your budget, with prices soaring between $75-$120 per session. But what if you could achieve unparalleled results without the hefty price tag?

If you're a woman in her thirties or forties looking to enhance your fitness game, online training is your golden ticket. Not only is it a more affordable option, but it also offers a unique blend of flexibility and personal empowerment.

Why Choose Virtual Training with Me?

  1. Affordability Meets Quality: Enjoy top-notch training guidance at a fraction of traditional costs. Your fitness goals shouldn't break the bank!

  2. Empowerment & Independence: I’m committed to equipping you with the skills to set up your exercises confidently. Say goodbye to dependency and hello to self-assured workouts.

  3. Tailored to Your Environment: Whether you're at home, on vacation, or in a local park, my online training approach ensures you can navigate a healthy lifestyle wherever you are, on your terms.

  4. Proven Success: My track record speaks for itself. The most transformative lifestyle changes I've witnessed among my clients have been achieved through virtual training

Ready to embark on a fitness journey that respects your time, budget, and personal space? Let's collaborate and sculpt the healthier, confident version of you that you've always aspired to be.

Contact me today to get started. Together, we’ll redefine what personal training can achieve!


Who have I helped?

  1. All Levels Welcome: Whether you've never lifted a weight or are simply ready to look your best, I adapt to where you are. Together, we build the bridge from 'where you are' to 'where you aspire to be.'

  2. If You Are Restarting Your Fitness Journey: Fell off the fitness wagon? No judgment here – only dedicated support to help you climb back on, reinvigorated and focused.

  3. If You Have An Injury-Adaptive Programs: Dealing with an injury? With my expertise in post-physical therapy reintegration, I’ll modify your program, prioritizing safety, comfort, and efficacy.

  4. If The Instragam Workouts Haven't Worked For You: Customized Strategies: Your goals, strengths, and challenges are uniquely yours. That’s why I offer strategies tuned to your personal narrative, ensuring a program that’s authentically in sync with you.

Fitness is not a one-size-fits-all journey. It’s personal, evolving, and, most importantly, it should accommodate your life seamlessly.

Don’t let past experiences or present uncertainties dim your fitness aspirations. Reach out to me today, and together, we’ll light that spark that propels you forward, redefining your limits and celebrating every victory along your journey.

Contact me now, and let’s shape this new chapter in your fitness story together!


What do I do?

I Personalized Fitness: Cutting Through the Noise to Find YOUR Ideal Solution

Inundated with fitness advice from all corners and frustrated about what actually applies to you? You're not alone! If you're a woman in her 30s or 40s, it's time to step away from the overwhelming clutter and embrace a method designed for YOU.

I'm here to revolutionize your approach to health and fitness. With 9 years of experience in the industry, I understand that generic advice is simply that - generic. That's why I devote myself to understanding YOU and your unique needs.

Why Choose Me as Your Fitness Guide?

  1. Bespoke Understanding: I don’t just see a client; I see you – your needs, your lifestyle, your aspirations. Together, we'll sift through the fitness clutter to discover what truly resonates with you.

  2. Expert Navigation: Feel lost in the sea of fitness tips? Lean on my near-decade of expertise to decipher the advice that makes sense for your body type and lifestyle. No more confusion, only clarity.

  3. Collaborative Journey: This isn’t my fitness journey, it’s yours. I collaborate with you, tuning into your goals, to craft a roadmap that not only feels doable but exciting.

  4. Tailored Strategies, Real Results: Say goodbye to cookie-cutter plans. Welcome the approach that sees you, understands you, and sets you on the path to tangible success.

Enough wading through unending, irrelevant advice. It's time for a strategy that speaks directly to you, carving out a clear, confident path toward your health and fitness goals.

Ready to embrace the power of personalized fitness? Contact me today. Let’s join forces and turn your wellness dreams into your everyday reality!


Why train with me?

Transform Your Fitness Journey, One Step at a Time

Feel like your fitness goals are a mountain too steep? I'm here to change that perspective. I specialize in making your 'impossible' fitness dreams your new reality.

As a woman in her 30s or 40s, you need a fitness approach that acknowledges your life's pace. That's why I don’t believe in giant leaps but in empowering strides. My unique method? Making you just 10% better each week. Bit by bit, we’ll climb that mountain together.

Why Partner with Me for Your Fitness Goals?

  1. Meeting You Where You Are: Forget the pressure of 'go big or go home.' I meet you exactly where you're standing, ensuring your fitness journey resonates with where you're at physically and emotionally.

  2. Small Habits, Big Wins: By breaking down your ambitious goals into bite-sized habits, I make the journey manageable, enjoyable, and specifically tailored to blend seamlessly with your lifestyle.

  3. Your Goals, Your Terms: This journey is yours. I ensure your personalized milestones feel like your own and resonate with your personal health aspirations and daily life.

  4. Stay Motivated, Anytime, Anywhere: With my individualized fitness app, you're never alone. Stay on track, feel motivated, and tap into valuable resources in between our weekly sessions.

The result? A sustainable, progressive, and personalized fitness experience that transforms your lifestyle without turning your world upside down.

Don’t let the mountains of your fitness goals intimidate you. With me by your side, we'll make each step count, celebrating your victories along the way.

Reach out today, and let's take that first empowering step together. Your journey to health, happiness, and confidence awaits!

My Services

Unlock Your Body's Potential: Customized Online Training for Women

Embarking on a fitness journey in your 30s or 40s should never feel like wandering alone. Imagine transforming your home or gym into a sanctuary of empowerment, insight, and dedicated guidance. I'm here to digitally deliver a gym experience uniquely crafted to your body’s distinct story.

What Sets My Online Training Apart?

  1. Dedicated One-on-One Attention: Whether you're at home or the gym, you'll have my full attention. Each live 60-minute session is not just a workout but an education, helping you grasp the 'how' and 'why' behind every movement.

  2. Science Infused Fitness: Eliminate the guesswork. I break down the science and anatomy of each exercise, giving you knowledge that fosters independence and confidence.

  3. Complimentary Access to Premium Tools: Simplify your fitness journey with FREE access to the Iron Bombshell Fitness app as a virtual client. Dive into workout videos and track your custom daily workouts and nutrition goals.

  4. Consistent Momentum: Your commitment to fitness doesn’t end when our live session does. With personalized daily workouts and nutrition plans, you’ll maintain progress and motivation.

This journey is about transforming more than just your body; it's about building confidence, insight, and self-sufficiency in your health routine. Say goodbye to doubt and hello to clear, science-driven fitness that moves you forward.

Is it time to reshape how you see fitness? Reach out to me today, and together, we'll design the perfect fitness blueprint tailored to your body’s needs.



Online Diet Coaching


Virtual Personal Training 


Personal Fitness App

Transform Your Diet, Transform You Life!

Are you a woman in her 30s or 40s navigating the complexities of "ideal diets"? Struggling to harmonize wellness goals with life's demands? It's time for a solution designed with your unique needs in mind.

Introducing My Exclusive Live Diet Mastery Sessions!

Transform the Way You Train: Exclusive Online Fitness Coaching Tailored for You!


Are you in your 30s or 40s and striving to get in shape but struggling to find a program that fits your busy lifestyle? Discover a personalized training experience designed to accommodate your unique needs and preferences. No more commuting to personal trainer's studio or adjusting to someone else’s schedule!

Programming for the experienced lifter....Elevate Your Fitness Journey: Custom Lifting Plans for the Established Athlete!

Attention women in your prime thirties and fabulous forties! Are you confident in your lifting routine but feel there’s room to level up? As an adept fitness enthusiast, you understand the value of form, strength, and balance. Now, let's take your skills to new heights!


Hear What Others Have to Say

Kay is an incredible trainer! She is extremely knowledgeable, supportive, and attentive to her clients. Kay will put as much into each session, if not more, as her clients. She creates a plan specific to each clients’ needs, based on continuous check-ins, and sets them up for the most success possible. She’s as great as they come!


About Me


Making Fitness Make Sense For YOU

Meet Kay - your guide to a transformative fitness journey that speaks directly to the aspirations of women who understand that the prime of their lives starts whenever they decide. Stationed in the scenic heart of West Virginia, Kay has dedicated over 9 years to the fitness industry, specializing in bridging the gap between physical therapy and independent fitness. Her passion extends far beyond routine training; it's about educating women in their 30s and 40s on the science behind their bodies and empowering them to take ownership of their health and well-being.

Kay's journey began with a focus on post-physical therapy reintegration, where she witnessed the resilience and strength of the human body. This experience was a springboard into various fitness modalities that she has since mastered, including group fitness, dietary coaching, and bespoke one-on-one personal training. Her approach is holistic, integrating physical training with lifestyle and nutritional guidance, ensuring that her clients are equipped not just for a season, but for a sustainable, healthy lifestyle.

Not just dedicated to guiding others, Kay has walked the talk, proven by her standing as a silver medal finalist in the OCB natural bikini competition. This accolade is a testament to her commitment and understanding of what it takes to sculpt not just a physique, but a mindset geared towards excellence.


What truly sets Kay apart are her extensive certifications, a reflection of her commitment to her craft and her clients. She is a certified aficionado in diverse and unique disciplines including, but not limited to:

  • Aerial Yoga and Hammock workouts, bringing the dimensions of grace and gravity-defying strength to your routine.

  • Balance Body Pilates Reformer, Barre intensity, and Kindness Yoga, disciplines that infuse your workout regime with a grounding and centered approach.

  • Cutting-edge dietary guidance drawn from Precision Nutrition qualifications in Macros, Plant-Based Coaching, and revolutionary approaches like Intermittent Fasting and Metabolic Health.

  • Les Mills Body Pump, Stages Indoor Cycle, and TRX, for those who prefer dynamic, high-energy, and impactful workouts.

  • And for enthusiasts of power and strength, her USAW Olympic Weightlifting certification ensures you're in capable hands.

Kay believes fitness is more than a series of exercises; it's a catalyst for positive change. Her mission is to build a community of women who aren't defined by age but are united in their resolve to lead independent, fulfilling, and health-conscious lives. With Kay, you're not just embracing fitness; you're embarking on a journey of self-discovery, resilience, and empowerment. Welcome to a space where your body, your rules, and your goals are the center of attention. Welcome to the community!


Get in touch and start creating a healthy lifestyle that actually lasts and fits your needs! Check out my online programs to start strengthening  wherever you are in your fitness journey.

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